Faux bois (wood graining)

The art of wood graining is just that…an art.  These services create the look of wood that may complement existing decor without expensive millwork.  Or, you may also want to utilize these services to create a decorative accent that adds architectural appeal to non-wood elements.

Custom Wood Finishing

Our custom wood finishing services provides a unique look for ‘new wood’.  Whether you have a specific look in mind or want to highlight the natural beauty of your wood species, our custom wood finishing provide a high end finish that evokes a touch, feel response.

Consultation Resources

As you look to maintain your wooden surface, let us lend our expertise:

  • We can assist with determining proper maintenance schedules based on the type of surfaces being managed
  • Analyze wood finish failures to determine a root cause
  • Provide finish specification
  • Consult on color for wooden surfaces to fit a certain decor and/or match existing decor

Customized to meet your specific needs, we offer maintenance programs to properly care for your properties on an ongoing basis.  These services are regularly scheduled through a pre-determined contract period.

Maintenance services are typically used and most effective for high traffic areas.

Specializing in onsite touch-up / spot repair and refurbishing of wood and laminate finishes, we safely and effectively remove scuff marks, repair scratches, nicks and gouges, touch-up color and replace finish loss. We offer the flexibility to have repairs done during the time that best meets your needs.

Touch-up / Spot Repair

These repairs are very local and specific to a damaged area on a piece.  Typically, the initial step includes removing scuff marks, dirt and organic matter.  From there, we then repair any scratches, gouges and veneer loss which may including the touch-up of color & grain, as well as repair and/or replace finish loss.


Damage is throughout the surface of the piece and may be either physical damage and/or coating wear.  These services will restore your wood piece to a like newer condition and may provide an alternative to stripping and refinishing.  The steps involved may be similar to touch-up and spot repair services, but require more expertise and time to restore the larger surface area.

Wood Graining & Consulting Services

On Site Touch-up & Spot Repair Services

Maintenance Programs & Services